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Aluminium Guttering
Aluminium Guttering

Seamless Aluminium Guttering

Our gutters are manufactured from a coil of aluminium which is fed through the roll forming machine in our “Gutter Lab” allowing us to make the gutter to any length. We make use of a 0.6mm or 0.8mm thick aluminium material as an industry standard.

The coils are coated on both sides with the highest quality fade and flake proof paint which is baked onto the material in the manufacturing plant. The material is given a 15 year guarantee against fading, flaking and rusting, this guarantee is passed on to the customer.

The gutters are made in two sizes 125x85mm OGEE which would be used for domestic applications and the 150x125mm OGEE which would be used for bigger houses and commercial building with big roof areas.

Gutter Sizes

Seamless gutters give a very clean finish to a home as the hangers are internal and cannot be seen from the outside of the gutter.

The shape of the two gutters is the same but the volume is different due to the bigger material being used. That is why we make use of the cleanest material to make our seamless gutters (AL) aluminium. Aluminium if fully recyclable and has a very long life, it is rust free and very light.


Cladding is the material used to cover part or the whole of the exterior component of a building.

Barge Cladding

Is generally the timber boards that are located at the gable-ends of the roof. Bargeboard cladding is when you cover your existing bargeboards with Aluminium, Nutec or PVC cladding

Before And After Cladding
Fascia Cladding

Fascias are the boards fitted vertically to the ends of your rafters on the lowest edge of the roof. These are the boards where the guttering will be fixed to. Fascia cladding is when you cover your existing fascia boards with Aluminium, Nutec or PVC cladding

Barge Capping

Bargeboard capping is when you cover and seal the ends of the roof-gable ends and the bargeboard with Aluminium, Nutec or PVC capping

Installed Leaf Guard

Leaf Guard

Leaf guard is an aluminium mesh product, fitted inside the gutter along the top edge, to keep out leaves and protect your gutters and downpipes from blockages.

Gutter Cleaning

We offer gutter cleaning services to ensure your gutters are maintained all-year-round. 

The gutters will be cleaned out and cleared of any dirt or debris, the downpipes’ flow will be checked and tested, corners and end-caps will be checked and tested, to ensure that no blockages or leaks are present.

Standard Colour Range

Our aluminium products come in the following colours. Please contact us for samples, as actual colours may vary from images.

New Builds & Housing Developments

The gutters are generally one of the last exterior installations to a new build, after paving and painting has been completed, to avoid any damages to the gutters and downpipes

Gutter Replacements

We replace gutters on existing homes, apartments, warehouses, etc. Removing the old guttering system and replacing with new aluminium gutters.

Gutter Components

End Capping



End Caps​

The end cap, or stopped end, is the component which is installed on the end of the gutter. As the word suggests, the cap to the end of the gutter. The end cap is crimped and sealed onto the end of the gutter


The mitre is the corner component to join two sections of gutter together around a corner. The mitre is riveted and sealed to the edges of the two sections of gutter.

Hangers & Brackets

The hanger, or bracket, is the component which holds the gutter to the fascia or rafter ends.


The outlets are the hole made in the gutter for the water to flow out the downpipe. You will have a snapseal outlet if you are using PVC downpipes, or a star outlet if you have aluminium downpipes.


Spread the water from a downpipe that discharges water onto a lower roof when it’s not possible to take the pipe to the ground. They are usually made from short sections of the downpipe material.

Header Box



Header Boxes​

Are the junction boxes that take water from the internal flat roof box gutters out to meet the downpipes. They also allow for the merging of multiple sources of flow into one neat downpipe solution. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are available in the full colour range.


There are various bends that can be used on a downpipe, depending on where the water needs to discharge to, or depending on the eaves overhang.

  • Swan-necks (50mm to 400mm)
  • Round or square bends in both aluminium or PVC

The downpipe is the component which allows the water to run from the gutter to discharge. 

As with the gutters, the downpipes are also supplied in various sizes. Both aluminium and PVC downpipes come in a wide range of colours to match any home.

  • 63x63mm Square aluminium
  • 76x76mm Square aluminium
  • 63mm, 76mm and 101mm Round aluminium
  • 63mm and 76mm PVC

We also supply Aluminium cast collars which are downpipes that is made to look and match the old cast iron downpipes

Health & Safety

 We work in a high risk environment working at heights and we will always do a full work method statement in order to get the job done professionally and safely. We comply with all legal requirements of Health & Safety. Our team is properly trained to comply with safe working practice. 

Site-specific Health & Safety files can be compiled upon request.

BBA Approval

Gutter Science Scotland is committed to its customers. Offering the highest quality of installation. We are an approved Mustang seamless aluminium contractor trusted by our supplier to only use top quality products with no short cuts. All our installations are BBA approved. BBA Certificate No 91/2625