Use your harvested rainwater wisely

The rainy season is over in most parts of the country and Cape Town’s rain is on a slow decline, despite having less rain this year than the years before.

With summer on its way and our water restrictions still very much underway, using harvested rainwater is an important part of ensuring your lawn is looking luscious for the hot season. Here are a few tips for using your harvested rainwater wisely, to make it last as long as possible:

  • Replant your garden plants strategically

    Take a look at your landscape, is it optimal for conserving water? If not, it may be time to relook the layout. When planting flowers and plants in your garden, take into account the sun and shade for the level of evaporation that will potentially occur and try to group plants together based on their water, soil and light needs, that way, you can effectively manage water consumption and avoid any wastage. i.e try planting less “thirsty” plants together and give them less water than the more “thirsty” plants to avoid evaporation.

  • Add a blanket of organic soil to your garden

    A blanket of organic soil will help with evaporation by acting as insulation, reducing evaporation that would potentially take place. Using about 2.5cm of organic soil should suffice. Organic soil is recommended because of its composty makeup, making it’s water-holding capacity better than other alternatives.

  • Shaded areas to reduce water usage

    Depending on the type of plants in your garden, setting up a shaded area, whether with a larger tree or a man-made structure will help reduce water usage as it will cool the air and provide shading to reduce plant water requirements and also aid with evaporation.

The biggest threat to water conservation is very “thirsty” plants and evaporation. Finding methods to manage that will ensure that your harvested rainwater lasts longer during the summer months to avoid having your plants dry out from the scorching summer sun, leaving your garden looking tattered and “dead”.

For more information on rainwater harvesting systems for maintenance or installation, contact GutterScience.

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