The Gutter Installation Process

The installation process for guttering takes teamwork, precision and skill all of which are factors that make GutterScience one of the best gutter manufacturers and installers in the Cape Town Metropol. Our team takes pride in work well done and we follow a process managed by a teamleader who ensures that the Gutterscience standard is never compromised.

At the Factory

The team leader or foreman will get his job card at the factory based in Stikland, where all the information will be listed for the work of the day including the addresses, stock required and any special requirements that customers may require. The team will pack the day’s stock as has been allocated to them on their job card and will then leave the office and make their way to the first scheduled job.

At the Customer Site

Once on site, the team will introduce themselves to the owner or builder and do a walk about to make sure all the pipes will be correctly located. The rest of the 4 man team will set up tools and place ladders strategically around the house or building. Two of the members will start taking measurements of the building, ensuring that they get the most accurate measurements possible to avoid any fitting issues later in the installation. Once the team has taken the measurements, they will start preparing to run the gutters to the exact lengths of the fascia board.

The gutters are made

Once they are ready to start the run, the gutters are made using rolled-up coil of aluminium which is a cousin of the regular tinfoil used in the kitchen. The aluminium coil is loaded onto the roll forming machine which is located at the back of the van, and is run through a series of rollers to form the gutter. This method makes it possible for our team to make the gutters onsite and run long lengths. There is no limit to the length of the gutter that can be formed in this machine and for that reason, there is no seam needed in these gutters as in traditional PVC or seamed gutters.

The Installation

Once the gutter has been formed, two men carry the gutter length, usually two men for every 10 meters and it then gets passed to another two men who will fix the gutter to the fascia with self-tapping screws that are drilled into the fascia with a Bosch cordless drill. Once all the gutters have been installed and tested with water, the team will split up and starting building the downpipes which come in 3m lengths with all the bends and straps as individual pieces. Outlets in the gutter are opened once the gutter is fitted so that the team can make sure that the downpipe is in the correct place, down to the millimetre.

Finishing off

The last part of the installaton is the fitting of the corners or mitres. This is the only place in the gutter that gets a join (or seam) and a strip of aluminium gets fitted where the two gutters come together and it gets sealed with Dow Corning silicone from the inside, leaving a neat and clean finish.

Once the team is done with all their work, the team will clean up the area where they worked while the team leader goes over to the owner or builder to make sure everything is up to standard. With GutterScience’s level of expertise and perfectionism, the work is always up to standard and should it not be, GutterScience is always ready to ensure that its done.

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