More rain means more opportunities to save water

With the level-4 restrictions being put in place, households are being put under pressure to keep their water usage to below 100L per person per day. With the rain that has come sweeping through the Cape in the last week, I’m sure some are thinking we don’t need to be as careful with our water usage but, this is not true as our dam conditions have not changed.

Despite the lack of change in conditions, the upcoming rainy period can bring some relief to households as it provides them the opportunity to store some potable water that can be used for drinking or for various other water-related tasks around the house such as washing of clothes and dishes. For those who have a rainwater harvesting system, this is the perfect opportunity to get some natural drinking water – or, if you’re one of the people that drinks reverse osmosis treated water then your rainwater system can serve as a substitute for the various household tasks.

Those who find themselves without a rainwater harvesting system can, however, use their gutters to channel water for household use. Although it won’t be potable, its great for watering indoor plants, washing clothes and dishes, cleaning your car etc and all it requires is a little bit of work from your side. Here are a few articles on how to channel water through your gutters and store it for later use:




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