Let your rainwater system run your pool

With the drought in the Western Cape still a great concern for the country, saving water is a necessity in every household and business. The one place home owners will start suffering as we head into the warmer months is the penalties for water use if they are using and refilling their pools more often than in the colder winter months which, is most likely going to happen.

Swimming pools can lose a large amount of water due to evaporation, especially in the hot summer months. While most of the rainfall takes place in summer months in South Africa, the Western Cape has not been that lucky in recent summers and as such we are faced with this drought which makes topping up your pool a real frustration.

If you have a rainwater system, this does not need to be the case. Rainwater systems are not complicated or difficult to install and can be quite affordable with a long lifespan. By implementing a rainwater harvesting system you are able to draw quite a significant amount of water that can cut your water account to a third of its current.

In addition to saving on your water bill and avoiding penalties, you are able to aid the province in conserving municipal water that is currently sitting at below the 20% mark at the major dams in the province. There are various options in rainwater systems, all of which are made to suit each scenario.

For information regarding GutterScience’s installation of rainwater systems, contact Mark or Johan and the team or email info@gutterscience.co.za

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