How to paint your seamless aluminium gutters

So, you’ve decided to change the colour on your aluminium gutters? Before you start, it’s important to decide whether you are going to remove the gutters before painting them (which may require a professional gutter company, if you’re not all that DIY) or paint them while they are mounted. Practically, it would be better to paint them while they are still mounted, especially if you are repainting the entire system and your gutters hang far above ground level anyway so, if you miss a few nooks and crannies, whose going to notice?

Once you’ve decided which route you plan on taking, cleaning your gutters is the next step because you cannot effectively paint your gutters if its full of leaves and other debris. When cleaning your gutter, make sure you do more than just a standard pressure wash, adding some liquid dishwashing detergent and getting in there for a real, proper scrub. Scrub your gutters in a circular motion, wiping away loosened dirt and debris as it builds up in the foam. Once you’ve cleaned the gutters, sand down any protruding areas and scratches that may┬áhave occured over time to ensure you don’t have any streaky spots when you’re painting.

Those gutters should be sparkly clean and smooth by now. The next steop in the process is to apply a clear acrylic bonding primer which is a high-grade primer made to cover your entire gutter surface. Applying primer should only take place once your gutters have dried from the cleaning, so ensure you give it atleast two hours on a sunny day before applying primer to your gutter surface. Once done, applying an oil-based enamel is your next step, an important factor in maintaining a surface strong enough to handle fast rainwater flow on a consistent basis. Applying two coats of the oil based enamel is favourable to ensure it is completely covered.

Now that all the preparation is done, it’s time to get the paint on.

Once the enamel has dried it’s time to get your gutters painted. It is important to choose an appropriate alluminium paint that contains weather protecting properties such as a high-quality 100% acrylic paint that has UV protection. Before you proceed, you have one last option – to use a sprayer or to use a brush. Spray painting may seem easier but may become more of a hassle as it will require you to set up protective layers on other areas of your home to keep them from damage, so the brush method may be the option that you go with.

It is important that this process be done in the summery seasons as rain could ruin any work that you have done before it is even finished.

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