How OGEE Gutters Are Made

OGEE gutters are the most common type of gutters used in the industry, their name an architectural name given to an S-shaped line or moulding. The OGEE gutters have been around for many years and can be found in many old residential homes and commercial historical buildings around South Africa. Although a relatively old guttering profile, OGEE is still a highly endorsed gutter profile used in various residential and commercial properties.

The OGEE gutter profile has been manufactured in various materials and used in commercial and residential guttering. Some of the materials used are plastics such as PVC, cast iron, and aluminium and are very often used in the manufacture of seamless-styled gutters which are designed to reduce leakage areas and the need for maintenance.

The OGEE gutter profile is also called K-style, formed or OG gutter profile, and it comes in various depth measurements suitable for different types of buildings (residential or commercial).

Gutter Science has standardised on OGEE gutter profiles when manufacturing their seamless aluminium gutter systems using 125mmx85mm for residential installations and 150mmx125mm for commercial property installations. The seamless design of this OGEE profile gutter makes it a worthwhile investment and Gutter Science offers a 15-year guarantee against rust, fading and corrosion on their seamless aluminium OGEE gutter systems.

The Gutter Science team takes pride in their installations and offers their clients an affordable per-meter price for installation of all new gutter systems. For more information, call Johan and his team or drop a message on the contact box and someone will give you a call.



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