Caring for your gutters in a drought

The drought in Cape Town is a hot topic, with phase 5 water restrictions taking place throughout the province. Whilst it may seem that everything is out of our control, as our ability to use water is increasingly limited and desalinisation projects seem to be a longshot, gutters may seem to be the least of your worries in comparison to water conservation, landscape irrigation and damage prevention in your gardens.

The drought season is not a reason to completely ignore your gutter system though;

The rainy weather is what keeps our gutters clean, washing away all the leaves and debris but, despite the lack of rain, the wind hasn’t died down in windy Cape Town and as a result, it leaves room for gutters to become cluttered with leaves and other kinds of “junk”. This clutter collection becomes a breeding ground for bugs and birds to nest, making your home a luxury resort for little critters. If you find yourself with a crack in your gutter along the roofline, this could also make it possible for bugs to find their way into your home which could very easily become an infestation if not prevented before it gets to that.

The best place to start when trying to prevent this havoc from unfolding is by stopping the issue at its source, your gutters. To take care of your gutters in the drought season:

1. Vacuum your gutters 
Vacuuming your gutters may not be ideal for all homeowners but whether you’re using a vacuum or brushing it out with your “skoppie en besem”, getting the bulk of the debris out of your gutters regularly is important in preventing nesting grounds from forming on the roof of your home.

2. Wipe away the grime
You may not consider the gutters to be the cleanest part of your home but, there’s still no need to have it full of grime. Wiping down your gutters with a cloth or sponge will keep your gutters clean and also keep your home looking good. A grimy gutter can ruin a beautiful home’s aesthetic.

3. (Optional) Purchase a gutter guard
A gutter guard may be a small investment and is definitely not a necessity if you’re hands-on at keeping your gutters clean but, may prove useful in those lazy summer days as it stops any debris from clogging up your gutters and forming into a breeding ground for critters.

Again, like anything that you value and want to keep looking – and working – as good as new, the key is to keep it clean. Gutter Science offers a gutter cleaning service, leaving you to relax in the summer days while we ensure your gutters are free from debris.

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