4 Common Gutter Questions – Answered!

Like with any investment, there are always multiple factors to consider when purchasing a new gutter system, however, researching gutters may not be the thing for most homeowners so we decided to answer 4 common questions for you to think about before investing in a gutter system.

1.) What’s the most important things to think about when having gutters installed?

When purchasing a gutter system, it is important to keep in mind the best material for the job, the reputation of the installers and the warranty that is offered on the product and on the workmanship because a failure in choosing a good gutter system, a great installation company and ensuring that you have warranty on the materials and work done could be detrimental to your long-term investment.

2.) How often do I need to clean my gutters?

No one can say how often your gutters should be cleaned, however, it will be often. One day you may have cleaned it, followed by a windy day and then you have leaves in your gutters again. Ensuring there is no debris in your gutter system is important and as a result, ensuring it stays as clean as possible is a good idea and professional cleaning would be highly beneficial as they would be able to pick up other issues while cleaning, ensuring that cleaning and gutter maintenance is sorted.

3.) What is a good investment to ensure minimum debris in my gutters?

If your home is located with trees all around or even a single tree that overhangs the roof, investing in a leaf protection screen may be worth your while. A leaf protection screen is a screen manufactured with the intent to perfectly fit over your gutters to sift out larger pieces of debris that could cause blockage in the system, while still capturing water that runs off the roof to minimise roof damage.

4.) Which material is the best to use when it comes to gutters?

You may think PVC as a low-cost option or, you may think steel because it is the strongest metal but, PVC guttering is more prone to leaks and steel will eventually leak. Copper and aluminium guttering don’t rust but, out of the two, aluminium is still your best bet as it’s easy to paint, it’s strong and looks good on any house or commercial building, which adds value to the property.

There are many other factors to consider when investing in a gutter system for your home or commercial building but, the best is always to ask your local professionals. Gutter Science offers these services and guarantees you the highest quality product every time. As manufacturers of aluminium gutter systems, with 15 years warranty on materials and 2 years warranty on workmanship, you can be certain that they provide a reliable gutter service.

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